Kerrison Rongeurs Highest Quality Standards

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The Kerrison King Rongeurs are painstakingly crafted to fit the needs of the surgeon. The compliment, “you have the hands of a surgeon” refers to elegant hands, long nimble fingers, and soft, unblemished skin. It signifies that one’s hands are well suited for delicate work and possess special qualities.

Studies, in fact, show that the best surgeons possess hands that are, indeed, special. This is addressed first-hand in A Vital Measure: Your Surgeon’s Skill, authored by Pauline Chen, M.D., in the New York Times on October 13, 2013. You can read the complete article here.

Dr. Chen describes findings that confirm what patients have long suspected and trainees have long known – the dexterity of a surgeon’s hands can account for much of the differences in how well patients do. Dexterity is one thing; the instrument those dexterous hands use to conduct surgery is another.

That’s why Kerrison King has incorporated only the highest quality standards and materials in the design and craftsmanship that characterizes its Kerrison King Rongeurs. Indeed, the Kerrison King is a remarkably precise instrument made with the surgeon’s dexterous hands in mind.
Kerrison Rongeur
Two particular features underscore the Kerrison King’s special abilities: its sharpness, which makes it the sharpest Kerrison Rongeur in the marketplace, and a double-ceramic coating that serves to preserve the Kerrison King’s sharp edge.

These features combined, add to a smooth bone-cutting action that minimizes hand fatigue and provides the surgeon with the confidence that they are using an instrument that will produce a clean and powerful bite every time.

In short, The Kerrison King is the ideal Kerrison Rongeur best suited to deft surgeons and the patients they so ably serve.

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