The Kerrison Rongeur Legacy

By | Kerrison King, Rongeur

The reputation of the acclaimed, German, master-crafted medical instrument advances with the Kerrison King Rongeur.

The small city of Tuttlingen, Germany sits on the edge of the famed Black Forest, on the Danube River, not far from Switzerland. What distinguishes Tuttlingen, however, is not its charming setting, but its reputation as the global leader of surgical instrument manufacturing.

Now, with the debut of the Kerrison King Rongeur, Tuttlingen’s hard-earned reputation for world’s highest quality of surgical instruments moves forward. The Kerrison King Rongeur was designed and developed under the direction of the Stuugard family of Tuttlingen, led by German master craftsman Stuugard. A third-generation medical instrument designer who has crafted instruments for more than 35 years, Mr. Stugaard’s painstaking craftsmanship has been likened to artistry.

In developing the Kerrison King Rongeur, Mr. Stugaard went beyond old world precision craftsmanship. He blended digital technology, high quality German steel molding techniques, and a veteran craftsman’s know-how for coating the instrument to enhance the surgeon’s ability to make smooth cutting actions, minimal hand fatigue, while using the Kerrison King Rongeur during precise surgical procedures.

The result? The Kerrison King Rongeur: a new standard in Kerrison Rongeur instruments.

Mr. Stuugard proudly acknowledges that the Kerrison King Rongeur is the sharpest Kerrison Rongeur his family has ever produced.

Thanks to the craftsmanship of Tuttlingen’s Stuugard family, surgeons can use the Kerrison King Rongeur to better practice their medical craftsmanship to save lives and enhance the health of their patients.

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